Here`s why your OnePlus 6 app is crashing when showing ads, and the easy code fix

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  1. Introduction
  2. Brief Overview of OnePlus 6 App
  3. Reasons Behind the App Crashing
  4. Ads and Their Role in the Issue
  5. Importance of Proper Ad Integration
  6. Easy Code Fix for App Crashing
  7. Conclusion


Are you a OnePlus 6 user experiencing app crashes when attempting to view ads? If so, you're not alone! This issue has been affecting a number of users lately. But fear not, there's an easy code fix that can solve this problem once and for all.

In this article, we'll explore the root cause of this issue and give you step-by-step instructions on how to implement the fix. Whether you're a developer or a OnePlus 6 user, you'll find this information invaluable. So, let's get started and put an end to those pesky crashes once and for all!

Brief Overview of OnePlus 6 App

The OnePlus 6 is a popular smartphone running on Android OS. The device is known for its powerful hardware, high-quality camera, and impressive screen resolution. The phone is also highly customizable, making it a favorite among tech enthusiasts and developers.

Users can download a variety of apps from the Play Store to enhance their experience on the OnePlus 6. However, some users have reported issues with apps crashing when showing ads. This can be frustrating and can impact the overall usability of the device.

Fortunately, there is an easy code fix for this issue. Developers can adjust their code to ensure compatibility with the OnePlus 6 and other Android devices. By following a few simple steps, apps can run smoothly without any crash issues.

In conclusion, the OnePlus 6 is a powerful and versatile smartphone that provides users with a range of customization options. However, app developers must take care to ensure compatibility with the device to avoid issues with app crashes. By following the easy code fix, developers can ensure smooth performance and enhance the overall user experience. So let's begin and make the most out of our OnePlus 6 experience.

Reasons Behind the App Crashing

Are you experiencing crashes in your OnePlus 6 app when displaying ads? This could be due to memory allocation issues that occur when an ad is shown. When an ad is displayed, the app runs out of memory, causing it to crash.

Another possible reason for app crashing is the use of outdated software. If your app is built on older software versions, it may not be able to handle the latest updates and changes to ads, leading to frequent crashes.

Many developers have encountered these issues with their OnePlus 6 apps, leading to frustrated users and lost revenue opportunities. However, there is an easy and effective solution to this problem.

By implementing a code fix that manages memory allocation more efficiently and updating your software to the latest version, you can significantly reduce the occurrence of crashes when showing ads. So, if you want to keep your users happy and maximize your revenue potential, implementing these solutions is essential.

In conclusion, app crashing when displaying ads on OnePlus 6 devices can be a significant issue, but with the right solutions, it can be easily resolved. Implementing the suggested code fix and updating your software will make your app more efficient, leading to fewer crashes and more satisfied users. So, let's fix those crashes and make our apps more robust and successful!

Ads and Their Role in the Issue

Ads play a significant role in the crashes experienced by OnePlus 6 apps. Developers who use ad networks like AdMob, MobileAds, or Facebook Audience Network to monetize their applications may face issues with such libraries causing crashes. This problem stems from the way that these ad networks leverage the main thread of an app, which can cause it to become unresponsive or even crash entirely.

The issue arises when there is a conflict between the memory allocation of the ad network and the activity of the app. When the ad network attempts to access memory that is already in use by the app, it can cause a crash. Additionally, when an ad network code runs on the main thread, it can cause the app to become unresponsive while displaying the advertisement.

Interestingly, the problem only arises on devices like the OnePlus 6, which have a high refresh rate. While this may seem counterintuitive, it is because the faster refresh rate means that the app's main thread is constantly being used to update the UI, making it more likely to be interrupted by the ad network code.

Fortunately, developers can resolve this issue with an easy code fix. By using a background thread for loading ads and displaying them after they have finished loading, developers can avoid conflicts and ensure that their apps remain stable and responsive. By implementing this fix, developers can ensure their users have a seamless experience without having to deal with crashes caused by ads. So, what are you waiting for? Implement this fix now and take your app to the next level!

Importance of Proper Ad Integration

Proper ad integration is essential for the success of any app that relies on advertising revenue. It not only benefits the developer in terms of generating revenue, but it also enhances the user experience by ensuring that ads are delivered and displayed in a non-intrusive manner. An improperly integrated ad can lead to crashes, lowered app engagement, and ultimately, lost revenue.

In the case of OnePlus 6, the app was crashing due to an error in the code that dealt with showing ads. Such errors can be easily avoided with the proper integration of ads using standardized ad formats and SDKs. Ad networks provide detailed documentation and code samples that developers can refer to when integrating ads into their apps.

Beyond ensuring stable performance, proper ad integration also includes optimizing ad placement and frequency. As an app developer, you want to make sure that ads are displayed at appropriate times and in places that don't interfere with the user experience. Too many ads or poorly placed ads can lead to frustration among users and a decrease in engagement.

In conclusion, proper ad integration is a critical component of app development. It not only helps generate revenue but also ensures a positive user experience. By following best practices and optimizing ad placement and frequency, developers can create an app that is both financially successful and well-received by users.

Easy Code Fix for App Crashing

If you're a OnePlus 6 app developer and your app is crashing when showing ads, we have an easy code fix for you! The reason for this issue is due to the recent update from Android's Google Mobile Ads SDK to version 17.0.0. This update removed the Android Support Library's Multidex support, which caused conflicts with some app's current build settings, resulting in crashes.

To solve this issue, all you need to do is update your build.gradle file and add the following code:

dependencies {
    implementation ''

Then, add the following line of code to your Application class or to the class that extends the Application:

protected void attachBaseContext(Context base) {

With this easy fix, your app will no longer experience crashes when showing ads. So, go ahead and update your code now to ensure your app's performance is seamless for your users. Happy coding!


In , the issue of app crashing when showing ads on OnePlus 6 can be easily solved by implementing the recommended code fix. By following the simple steps provided, developers can ensure that their apps run smoothly without any interruptions caused by ad displays. It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in mobile technology and take necessary measures to enhance the user experience of our apps. With a little effort and the right approach, we can create apps that are both efficient and engaging. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get coding and create amazing apps for OnePlus 6 users!

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