unity lookrotation lerp with code examples

Unity lookrotation lerp is a mathematical concept that offers programmers the ability to control the rotation of an object. This feature is extremely useful in the game development world as it allows developers to achieve smooth and realistic movement for characters or objects in a game. Unity lookrotation lerp makes it possible to interpolate between […]

std map count vs find with code examples

Introduction: As computer programs turn out to be more sophisticated with every passing year, data processing has become one of the most critical aspects of programming. Searching and counting are also part of data processing that often require a searcher to perform these processes on stored data. In C++, STL (Standard Template Library) provides a […]

convert to pos online calculator with code examples

Point-of-sale (POS) systems have become an integral part of daily business operations. These systems range from basic cash registers to complex software systems. Businesses use POS systems to streamline transactions, manage inventory, track sales, and generate reports. However, most businesses regard POS systems as the exclusive domain of larger enterprises with deep pockets. Fortunately, online […]

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