pm2 log manager with code examples

PM2 is a process manager for Node.js applications. It allows you to easily manage and monitor your applications, and also provides features such as automatic restarts, log management, and clustering. One of the key features of PM2 is its built-in log management. PM2 automatically manages log files for your applications and can rotate them based […]

string equals javascript with code examples

In JavaScript, the == operator is used to compare the equality of two values. However, this operator can sometimes return unexpected results when comparing strings. For example: console.log("hello" == "hello"); // true console.log("hello" == "Hello"); // false As seen above, the == operator is case-sensitive when comparing strings, which can lead to unexpected results. To […]

popper js cdn with code examples

Popper.js is a JavaScript library that helps position elements on a web page. It is often used in conjunction with other libraries like Bootstrap or Tether to create a powerful tool for creating tooltips, popovers, and other UI components that need to be positioned relative to other elements on the page. To use Popper.js, you […]

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